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Distance Learning Week 2 Update

Thank you for your help and patience as we enter into our second week of Distance Learning. This way of work is new for all of us, and I wanted to provide you with some reminders:

  • District Chromebooks that students have borrowed are filtered and monitored using the Go Guardian App,  This app cannot be disabled and is active no matter what wifi the student is connected to. This means that students will be able to access their coursework, but they can’t go to Netflix, Facebook, social media, or other inappropriate websites. Administrators will get notifications of any inappropriate browsing. 

  • For general questions, helpful guides, and resources about Distance Learning, please visit

  • For Tech Support visit the Distance Learning website and choose the link for Student Device Tech Help


Thank you

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Distance Learning in Lake kicks off on Monday, March 30! We have transitioned an entire district from brick-and-mortar to virtual in just a few days, and we want to thank parents, teachers, students and staff for your patience and understanding through the process.

We have set up a Distance Learning web page at where you will find answers to many of your questions, including step-by-step instructions for how students can connect to Classlink and find the distance learning apps they need.  (See “Classlink Login Guide” under “Student Resources.”)

You also will find descriptions of what teachers and students will do each day of instruction along with helpful resources, such as details on how to connect a Chromebook to your home WiFi and a link where you can send questions and have answers emailed back to you.

If you do not have a home computer and were not able to get a Chromebook, we have more coming in next week. In the meantime, please remember that your child can access instructional content using most tablets, iPads and smartphones, if necessary. We will make alternative arrangements for any unmet needs beyond that.

We know this is a time of anxiety and uncertainty. But our goal is to make this a positive and successful learning experience for every child. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need us. We are here for you… and together, we will keep the “Learning in Lake” going strong!



In order to provide the best support to our students with their issued Lake County Chromebook, Information and Instructional Technology has created the following Google Form to report issues.  

Using this Google form, parents and students can report issues with their Chromebooks or student logins.  Our technicians will reach out to them to help resolve the issue as soon as possible. 

Here is a link to the form.

The form is also located on our Distance Learning Webpage.

The form can be accessed from a phone or any device,  Please direct all parents to use this form for issues related to their device.  If a parent/student cannot access the form, they can call the helpdesk at 352-253-6700, then select either option 1 or option 2 .  



Due to Covid-19 the office is closed.  LCSB personnel are checking voicemail often. Please leave your message at 352-343-2861 for further assistance.




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